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Commission on Common Ownership Communities

Unsafe or Unhealthy Conditions

If you are suffering from a water leak into your unit from the neighbor's unit, or from a part of the building owned by your condominium association, or if you represent a condominium or homeowner association and wish to do something about a member's trash, dilapidated shed, or peeling paint, you should contact the Housing Code Enforcement Unit ( Code Enforcement) of the Department of Housing and Community Affairs.  This is often the fastest way to resolve such problems.  (Complaints can be confidential.)

Code Enforcement preserves housing and property standards by enforcing Chapters 26 (Housing & Building Maintenance Standards), 48 (Solid Waste), and 58 (Weeds), of the County Code.  When they receive a complaint, a Code Inspector will visit the property and can order the owner to make the necessary repairs.

To contact Code Enforcement, call MC311 by dialing 3.1.1 in Montgomery County or 240.777.0311.

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