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Frequently asked questions:

When does the Cabin John Neighborhood Rehabilitation Project begin?
   - The project begins on Monday, August 21, 2017

How long will the Cabin John Neighborhood Rehabilitation Project last?
   -MCDOT expects this project to conclude by the end of 2017, weather pending

What type of work should I expect as part of the project?
   -MCDOT will be completely patching, milling and resurfacing all the roadways in the neighborhood with new, hot mix asphalt.  Crews will also be replacing any concrete curbs, gutters, and  
    sidewalks in the community.  MCDOT will not be adding any new sidewalks or curbs were they do not currently exist.

How will I know when work is taking place on my street?
   -MCDOT will place "No Parking" signs 48 hours in advance of any concrete and/or paving operations.  Additionally, MCDOT will provide the president of the local Civic Association with    
    frequent updates to be shared with residents.  These updates will include maps of impacted streets and progress reports.  On occassion, there may be work on Saturdays as weather is
    unpredictable and MCDOT wishes to finish this project in a timely manner.

What should I do if my street is closed?
   -Given the unique nature of the roads in the Cabin John area, MCDOT will have to completely close some streets for extended periods of time during our project.  The simple truth of the
    matter is that many of these roads are too narrow for two way traffic and paving operations require as much room as possible.  MCDOT contractors and inspectors will assure that
    emergency vehicles will have access at all times and will work with residents on a case by case basis, if needed.  However, residents should expect to have limited to no access to the
    streets during some phases of the project.  MCDOT asks that residents pay attention to the daily updates provided and reschedule any delivers or lawn care services as needed. Most
    importantly, MCDOT asks that residents are patient.  Any road closure will be temporary and will not last longer than a few hours a day.

My home has some drainage issues.  Who should I contact?
   -Mr. Dan Sheridan is supervising several small drainage projects throughout the community.  His staff is specifically trained to handle drainage issues and concerns.  He can be reached at

Who should I contact with specific questions?
   -Norman Smith is the onsite Lead Inspector.  He can be reached at 240-777-7650.  John Birton is the Program Manager.  He can reached at 240-777-7616.  Josh Faust is the Public Outreach
    Manager.  He can be reached at 240-777-7642.

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For any MCDOT service requests, call 311. Outside the county, call 240-777-0311 or submit via the website.   For website issues, broken links or comments, please email us(does not handle service requests).
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