Bus Stop Improvement

Program overview

Montgomery County is committed to making public transportation fully accessible and in 2006, MCDOT created the Bus Stop Improvement Project to ensure that the County’s 5,400 bus stops meet ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) requirements. This multi-year, $11 million project is still ongoing and has, so far, successfully improved 91 percent of the 3,325 stops requiring ADA compliance upgrades. Bus stop improvements provide waiting passengers with a safe location that is located away from traffic  and has ADA accessible pathways for passengers as they travel to and from their bus stop.  The upgrades also reduce the distance to crosswalks, provide pedestrian refuge islands, establish connections to existing sidewalks, address slope issues and improve drainage. 


  • 166,777 square feet of five-by-eight-foot concrete pads at 3,025 bus stops;
  • 85,618 square feet of sidewalk leading to bus stops; 
  • 1,255 ramps at 826 intersections; and
  • 422 “knee walls” at sloped sites to prevent wheelchairs from rolling onto dangerous terrain and to provide seating for waiting passengers.