Outpatient Addiction Services

Outpatient Addiction and Mental Health Services delivers care to individuals with mental health and substance abuse symptoms and disability. This program was formerly operated by the Montgomery County Department of Health and Human Services. Symptoms are serious enough that extensive support, monitoring and accommodation is necessary for the individual to participate in the treatment process; but there is no evidence of significant danger to self or others, a need for detoxification, or 24-hour psychiatric supervision. These individuals may have a history of suicide. Disability is defined as long-term, potentially lifelong, functional impairment as a result of substance dependence and/or a mental health disorder. This includes persons with severe and persistent mental illnesses who have a significant history of relapse, multiple recurrences of a mental health disorder, and/or evidence of continued impairment in several areas (capacity to manage relationships, job, finances and social interactions).  Referrals are now made by the Access Team to contract providers in Montgomery County.

Service(s): Adults
Chronic/Severe Mental Illness
Substance Use Disorders
Group Counseling
Outpatient Mental Health Facilities
Addictions/Substance Use Disorder Support Groups
Target Population:
Information Number: 240-777-1770


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