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A video game is any coin or token-operated electronic device using or containing a video image or display. The owner of a video game is required to obtain a license for each game operated by the public. The owner of an establishment where video games are operated by the public must register the establishment.

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Video Games Process Guide

1. Apply Online

Video Game Permits Format
Video Game License (Owner) Online,
Video Game License (Establishment) Online, PDF

2. Review

  1. Have a Plan: to ensure we can process your documentation properly - you must have a plan. - Describe plan type.
  2. Review: be sure to double check all of your paperwork to ensure faster processing time.
  3. Submit online: We now offer an easy online form powered by Seamless Docs - (Seamless Docs sign up and documentation).We provide online applications to decrease the use of paper and our impact on the environment.  PDF applications should be mailed to Licensure & Regulatory Services office (2425 Reedie Drive, 9th floor, Wheaton, MD 20902) or faxed to 240-777-3088.
3. Approval

If approved you will hear back us within 10 - 14 business days. The final part of the process will be to find the inspector specific to your area.

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