Early Literacy Center Silver Spring
  • Early Literacy
    • Increase diversity in content and times of storytime programs
    • Promote awareness of resources for parents and caregivers
    • Go! Kits in all MCPL branches
    • Create the Jan Jablonksi Early Literacy Training Center at the Noyes Library for Young Children
  • English Language Literacy
    • Expand resources, services and programs for beginner and intermediate English language learners
  • Health Literacy
    • Increase programs and resources on personal health and wellness
    • Create programming and increase collections on nutritional literacy
device training
  • Digital Literacy
    • Increase programs, opportunities and resources for residents to interact with and learn about new technologies and services
    • Expand resources and teaching opportunities to help consumers of digital content hone their skills in learning new technologies
    • Increase resources on skills to be competent digital content producers
    • Diversify programming for adults and seniors that will allow them to effectively engage with technology
    • Increase access to resources and programming so children will be able to develop skills necessary to thrive in a digital/STEAM based culture
    • Expand access to tools and resources for teens that encourage critical, innovative and creative thinking skills
    • Implement mobile digital labs
  • Financial Literacy
    • Provide programs and resources for school age children on finances
    • Increase programs for teens on financial responsibility
    • Increase programs for adults and prospective retirees on personal finance
  • Environmental Literacy
    • Introduce topics to school age children on environmental and green strategies
    • Increase access to resources to residents so they can be informed on environmental and ecological topics
    • Partner with other County departments and agencies to provide programs on green initiatives and strategies