Earn your diploma
  • Skills for Gainful Employment
    • Provide access to High School Diploma classes
    • Connect residents to online classes
    • Increase programs and resources in job skills
    • Provide access to resources, programs and training to assist teens in preparing to enter the workforce
    • Work with partners to connect residents to internships, volunteer opportunities, vocational training, and community service
  • Area and Regional Businesses and Government Agencies Connector
    • Create opportunities through programming and resources for business representatives to learn about other businesses, non-profits, and government agencies and services in the area
score counselor works with business owner
  • Small Business Support
    • Increase programs and resources in small business skills
    • Create business centers at all branches
    • Create opportunities to learn about business contracting processes
  • Skills for Job Seekers
    • Increase programs and resources in basic job searching
    • Provide access to specialized tutoring in job search skills
    • Increase programming and resources in basic job application skills