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Office of Emergency Management and Homeland Security (OEMHS)

Social Media Policy


Montgomery County OEMHS Social media channels are monitored Monday through Friday (except holidays) 9am – 5pm

The site is a limited public forum, limited to the discussion of matters related to Montgomery County's Social Media websites. We encourage you to submit your questions, comments, and concerns. The County reserves the right to delete comments, without notice, that:

  1. Are off topic;
  2. Are solicitations or advertisements for commercial products or services;
  3. Infringe on copyrights or trademarks;
  4. Are obscene under legal standards; or
  5. Speech that is otherwise unprotected by the First Amendment that the County deems inappropriate for the site.

The County reserves the right to delete comments that are more than thirty (30) days old. By virtue of providing content to this site, you agree that you have no expectation of privacy in the information provided. The County is not responsible for and does not endorse any links embedded in comments posted to this site by third parties. This site does not circumvent or supersede the County's normal business practices or processes. For example, responses to requests for proposals, invitations for bid, or other competitive procurements are not properly submitted via this site. Content submitted to this site is not legal notice to the County. For example, notice may NOT be given to the County under the Local Government Tort Claims Act through this site.  

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