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Police Chief Selection Timeline

The Montgomery County Office of Human Resources has been tasked with developing a recruitment strategy to ensure community input. Highlighted below are the activities and general timeframe:

  • OHR Began a National Recruitment Campaign 
    • OHR began a national recruitment campaign 
    • Posted job announcement with: International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP); Police Executive Research Forum (PERF); Major cities chiefs (MCC); and National Association of Black Law Enforcement Officers 
  • Online Survey from Community
    • Published an online survey to community stakeholders and CE Transition Team to gather feedback from the community.
    • Published an online survey to Police Management.
    • We engaged K & A search firm to expand the potential list of qualified candidates.
  • Interview Panel
    • Identify interview panel to include: Two community members – CASA representative and NAACP representative, Two representatives from County Executive Office, Two representatives from County Council, A representative from the Sheriff Office.
    • Identify community stakeholders for Meet & Greet session with top three candidates.
  • Community Feedbacks
    • Screen applicants and develop a final list of qualified candidates.
    • Summarized survey results and developed draft interview questions.
    • Organized a Community Policing Forum for residents to share experiences, concerns, and priorities.
    • Reopened online survey to collect additional responses from underrepresented communities.
  • Community Forum & Interviews
    • Host a Community Policing Forum on June 6, 2019.
    • Summarize additional survey results and finalize interview questions.
    • Conduct first round of interviews and select top finalists with interview panel.
    • Conduct second round of interviews for top finalists with County Executive and Chief Administrative Officer.
  • Complete Reference Checks
    • Organize a Meet & Greet session with community members, select group of department heads, and Fraternal Order of Police and Police management.
    • Select the top candidate.
    • Complete reference checks and background investigation.
  • Confirm Police Chief by Council
    • Recommend appointment of final candidate by County Executive and confirm by Council.
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