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Field Services Bureau -  Special Operations Division

Emergency Services Unit

ESU Truck

The mission of the  Emergency Services Unit (ESU) is to provide critical support to patrol operations through the utilization of Special Operations Division assets. Emergency Services Unit officers are trained and equipped with specialized equipment to prevent, detect, and respond to suspected incidents of terrorism. The Emergency Services Unit is committed to providing support to field operations through a rapid response by competent and proactive officers who bring enhanced capabilities and tactical insight to the Districts.


Emergency Services Unit

The  Tactical Medic Program is a part of the Emergency Services Unit.  The mission of the Tactical Medic Program is to provide qualified and immediate emergency medical treatment to agency personnel, innocent victims, and perpetrators during pre-planned and spontaneous events.

Sgt. Kevin Parker

Montgomery County Department of Police · J. Thomas Manger, Chief
Public Safety Headquarters
100 Edison Park Drive · Gaithersburg, MD 20878
Non-emergency: 301.279.8000
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