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Pedestrian Safety Enforcement

Pedestrian Safety has been a top priority for the Montgomery County Police Department for more than 13 years. Each year, pedestrian crash types, locations, and victims are evaluated and educational and enforcement efforts are planned on a year-round basis to best address the findings of those evaluations.

Montgomery County Police began conducting pedestrian stings on May 1, 2002, as a means of educating drivers about the laws governing pedestrians crossing in marked crosswalks. Drivers were not only given written citations or warnings, but also were given brochures about the laws.

From 2000 through 2010, pedestrians who were found to be crossing unlawfully were given educational brochures but were not cited for their infractions. The focus of these educational and enforcement efforts was aimed at drivers.

In 2011 and 2012 it was determined that with the engineering changes made by the county to benefit pedestrians and the educational efforts toward them, pedestrian safety would further benefit from enforcement that included citing pedestrians for unlawful crossings. Pedestrians were cited in the high incident areas where the most pedestrian crashes had occurred where pedestrians were found to be at fault. Those enforcements helped the County see a reduction in pedestrian collisions where the pedestrian was at fault.

Montgomery County Police will continue the driver-targeted pedestrian stings and other pedestrian safety enforcements through 2013 and then evaluate the best strategy for 2014.

Number of pedestrian injury and fatal collisions in Montgomery County:



Year # of Injuries # of Fatalities
2006 429 18
2007 412 17
2008 444 19
2009 454 14
2010 436 13
2011 399 11
2012 423 6




Pedestrians crossing the street

2013 Pedestrian Enforcement “Sting”


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