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Management Services Bureau- Information Management and Technology Division

Technology Section

  The Technology Section plans, organizes, trains and maintains computer, data, and wireless communication systems and applications, as well as provides automation support. The Technology Section also develops and implements the Department's Strategic Technology Plan and manages Police Department participation in the Public Safety System Modernization (PSSM) Program. The Technology Section is comprised of the following units: 

  • The Geographical Information Service (GIS) Support Unit:  Supporting several functions within the Department, including Crime
    Analysis,  Redistricting, Hot Spots, Maps for Special Operations,  Dashboard and County support.

The Technology Section also manages:

  • Wireless Communications: Maintaining over 1,000 Mobile Data Terminals (MDT’s) in the field with over 1,000 mi-fi’s or data cards that support operations. Additionally there are over 800 communication devices supporting both sworn and non-sworn personnel, including covert operations (i.e. cameras, listening devices, etc.) and Command Bus support.



Montgomery County Department of Police · J. Thomas Manger, Chief
Public Safety Headquarters
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