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Security Alarm Installation Certificate


_________________________________________ acknowledges that the alarm system installed at

(alarm business)


__________________________________________________ on ____________ and owned/leased

(address)                                         (date)


by ____________________________________________:

(name of alarm user)


1.   meets or exceeds all of the standards set forth in Montgomery County law and regulations; including those set forth in Chapter 3A, Alarms and the Executive Regulation on Policies, Procedures and Fees for Alarm Businesses and Alarm Users;

2.   that the alarm user, or a representative responsible for alarm system operation, has received training sufficient to prepare the alarm user to operate the system without false alarms caused by improper operation;

3.   that the alarm business explained the requirements for registration under the Montgomery County Alarm Law; and

4.   that the alarm business has completed and provided the alarm user with a copy of the registration form.


Alarm user acknowledges that he/she has received:

1.   a copy of the owner’s manual for the user’s alarm system;

2.   information about the requirement for a Montgomery County alarm user registration;

3.   a completed copy of the alarm user registration form;

4.   training sufficient to operate the system without false alarms caused by improper use; and

5.   a completed copy of this form.


________________________________________    ____________________________________

Alarm Business                                                              Alarm User

(Officer or Authorized Agent)


________________________________________    ____________________________________

(date)                                                             (date)


Montgomery County Department of Police · J. Thomas Manger, Chief
Public Safety Headquarters
100 Edison Park Drive · Gaithersburg, MD 20878
Non-emergency: 301.279.8000
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