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Careers -  Montgomery County Police Officer


Educated. Proactive. Responsive. Committed to making our highly diverse community a better place to live. 
That’s a Montgomery County Police Officer.

The Montgomery County Department of Police is responsible for enforcing statutes, laws, and regulations designed to protect the life and property of the residents of the county.

A police officer candidate receives comprehensive training through a recruit training program. After graduating from the academy, the candidate becomes a Police Officer I.
The work of a police officer involves considerable personal risk and requires sound, independent judgment in emergency situations. Responsibilities include, but are not limited to, working rotating shifts; patrolling a designated area, preventing and identifying crimes; resolving problems in the community; directing traffic at pedestrian crossings and street intersections; enforcing motor vehicle operations and parking regulations; and interacting with the community. A police officer is also required to conduct preliminary investigations at crime scenes, administer first aid, gather evidence, obtain witness statements, make arrests, and testify in court. The officer is expected to be tactful and responsible while performing his/her duties.

As a Montgomery County police officer, you will have opportunities to grow professionally and personally as you advance your career in a rewarding community policing environment. After two years as a patrol officer, you will be eligible for assignment in these specialized units:

Alcohol enforcement
Auto theft
Collision reconstruction
Community relations
Conflict negotiations
Family crimes
Financial crimes
Homicide & sex crimes
Repeat offenders
Special assignment teams
Training academy
Vice and intelligence



Montgomery County Department of Police · J. Thomas Manger, Chief
Public Safety Headquarters
100 Edison Park Drive · Gaithersburg, MD 20878
Non-emergency: 301.279.8000
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