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Crime News

Dear Residents of the 2nd District:

 Please be aware of some Crime Prevention Tips that have been prepared by Montgomery County Department of Police, they are availible from the following link.

While the 2nd District remains a relatively safe place to work and live, we are still looking for ways to decrease the crime that does occur, and always looking for better ways to catch those that are committing the crime. This summer, officers from the 2nd District made a huge commitment to fight our #1 crime of theft from autos. Since late June, officers have been placed at strategic locations every night to deter and prevent this crime. The results so far have been extremely encouraging with almost 60% reductions in targeted areas, and significant reductions overall. Several arrests have been made as a direct result of phone calls from alert residents that observed suspicious persons in their neighborhoods.


Today, I learned from one of my investigators of a phone app. that was installed by a victim, and now will be used to help arrest the suspect that stole his phone. The app. is called Lookout and below is actual information that we can use in our investigation. As always, please read all the terms and conditions for the app. before downloading and installing it. This app. took a photo of the suspect before he turned off the stolen phone (and while he was on the cell phone and driving using another phone), and noted the location where he was when it was turned off. While this picture is not the best quality, we have a good idea of who this person may be due to prior contacts with law enforcement.  Other victims have set their phones to send their photos to the Cloud,  and when the suspects have used the stolen phones to take pictures of themselves, those pictures are also sent to the Cloud where they can be retrieved by the victim and shared with investigators.


Obviously the best practice is to remove your phones from your cars so they cannot be stolen in the first place (as evidenced by last week’s arrests), but if you do become a victim, we will use whatever technology is available to track down the thief and make an arrest.


Thank you for doing your part.



Captain Falcinelli


Lookout Mobile Security Premium

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We noticed your device was turned off.


Lookout took a photo and got the location of your device to catch any suspicious activity. If you did not take this action, follow the steps below to start protecting your device.




Photo taken with your device: Android XXXXXXXX

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Block access to your personal data.

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Display a message on your lock screen.

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