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  Number                                                     Title
  FC 300 Department Rules  HQ Memo  HQ Memo
  FC 301 Disciplinary Process for LEOBR-Covered Sworn Officers  HQ Memo
     FC 301.C Administrative and Suspension Hearing Boards
    FC 301.F Disciplinary Process for Civilians (pages 5,6 revised 11-15-94)
  FC 302 Tardiness
  FC 303 Grievance/Open Door Review
  FC 304 Memorandum of Notification
  FC 305 Weapons, Handguns and Holsters
  FC 307 Employee Personal/Emergency Information
  FC 309 Expungement of Internal Affairs Records
  FC 310 Administrative Leave (page 4 revised 04-23-93)
  FC 311 Sick Leave
  FC 315  Attendance
  FC 316 Overtime Compensation and Premium Pay
  FC 325  Position Vacancies and Transfers
  FC 335 Medical Examinations
  FC 337 Commercial Driver’s License/Alcohol and Drug Testing
  FC 339 Career Enhancement System
  FC 340  Department Training  
  FC 341 Training Selection Committee Procedures …
  FC 342 Nominations to the FBI National Academy
  FC 343 Field Training and Evaluation Program
  FC 344 Driver Training Program
  FC 349 Bloodborne/Airborne Pathogens
  FC 350 Occupational Injury/Disease, Vehicle...Collisions
  FC 351 Collision Review Committee
  FC 355 Secondary Employment
  FC 360 Awards    HQ Memo
  FC 370 Performance Evaluation for Police Employees
  FC 371 Employee Substance Abuse Program
  FC 372  Supervisor’s Documentation Form (MCP 30)
  FC 380 Disability Policy (pages 5-8 revised 09-01-92)  HQ Memo


Montgomery County Department of Police · J. Thomas Manger, Chief
Public Safety Headquarters
100 Edison Park Drive · Gaithersburg, MD 20878
Non-emergency: 301.279.8000
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