Informal and Open Solicitations

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An Informal Solicitation is a procurement accomplished without an invitation for bids, request for proposal, or request for expressions of interest. It is not subject to formal public notice. Departments will typically post informal solicitations for a period of five business days.

ATTENTION: As part of the County Executive’s efforts to assist local small businesses to recover from the COVID-19 recession, the Director of Procurement will require all Informal solicitations to be reserved under the Local Small Business Reserve Program (LSBRP), starting on April 1st, 2021. This policy affects all Informal solicitations issued AFTER April, 1, 2021 (the list below may show Non-LSBRP informals that have been re-issued due to no LSBRP response).

Informal Solicitations

Please click the solicitation number for scope of services and download instructions.

Open Solicitations

  1. Procurement Regulations 27-03AM, § define Open Solicitation as: ...a process by which the County accepts applications for a contract on a continuing basis and awards a contract to each applicant who meets pre-established objective qualifications. An Open Solicitation permits the County to receive and act on an application for a contract award on a continuing basis.
  2. This listing is provided for your convenience. Please click the solicitation number for scope of services and contact information to obtain a copy of the solicitation document(s).

Please click the solicitation number for scope of services, bid holder list and download instructions.