The listing of solicitations and projects on this page are provided as a forecast for upcoming projects. This list may not be complete and changes may occur during the fiscal year based on a number of factors, including budget and resources. In addition to this listing, the County also has a listing of its current active solicitations here.

How Do I Use this?

The list of PROJections can be filtered using any of the search criteria below to focus on upcoming solicitations that are better suited for the goods and services provided by your organization.

  1. Review the list below and filter records using the available options below. The General Search will search against all columns.
  2. A link is listed beneath the search criteria to assist with selecting the appropriate option.
  3. When the resulting list of solicitations are in view, scroll to the Commodity Code column and review your vendor profile to ensure that the code is linked to your company. The Office of Procurement uses these specific codes to notify organizations of solicitation opportunities. If you have not registered your business, please click here for information.
  4. Check the contract search engine for contracts from the Department listed here with the same description to obtain documents that can help to build your RFP or IFB.
  5. Check our active solicitation listings to respond to available procurement opportunities!

Search Criteria and Results

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