Hauler and Collector Licensing, and Vehicle Registration

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Anyone collecting or transporting solid waste within Montgomery County, Maryland, must be licensed, per Chapter 48, Sections 48-19 to 48-30, of the Montgomery County Code (PDF 253 KB).

To receive a license and vehicle registrations, you must submit one package containing these fully-completed items. We cannot process incomplete packages. We must receive complete renewal packages at least 30 days prior to your expiration date. All copies or faxes must be readable.

A collector is any person who contracts to collect and provide services for collection and/or transporting the solid waste of others to its disposal site.
Notice to Collectors (PDF, 25 kb)

  1. Collector / Hauler License Application (PDF, 210 kb)
    You or your agent must complete and sign this form.
  2. Solid Waste Vehicle Registration Application (PDF, 152 kb)
    Complete one copy of this form for each each vehicle or trailer you wish to register.
  3. Consolidated Vehicle List (Word, 15 kb)
    If you are requesting a registration for more than one vehicle or trailer, submit a consolidated list of vehicles in addition to a Registration Application and Inspection Form for each vehicle or trailer you wish to register.
  4. Copy of the State Vehicle Registration Card
    Submit a clear and legible copy of the State Vehicle Registration Card for each vehicle or trailer you wish to register.
  5. Fees
    • The Solid Waste License Fee is $25.00.
    • Solid Waste Vehicle Registration Fee is $5.00 per vehicle or trailer.
    • Make your check(s) payable to "Montgomery County, Maryland".
    • These fees do not include disposal fees.
  6. Memorandum of Understanding (PDF, 48 kb)
    This is a legally binding agreement between Montgomery County, Maryland, and all licensed collectors. The first and last pages must be completed and the last page must be signed and witnessed. This agreement is required for all collectors, regardless of the type of refuse collected.
  7. County-approved Performance Bond Form (PDF, 16 kb)
    • You must submit a performance bond in the amount of $500.00 for each vehicle, with a maximum of $10,000.00 for twenty or more vehicles.
    • The bond may be in the form of a Surety Bond or a Check
    • Use our Bond Form or a cash bond, deposited with Montgomery County Department of Finance .
    • If you submit a check for the bond, make it payable to "Montgomery County, Maryland". Submit a separate check for the License and Vehicle Registration Fees.
  8. County-approved Affidavit Form (PDF, 56 kb)
    An authorized representative of your company must complete and sign this Affidavit.

Have questions?

Contact Verónica Fernández at 240-777-6565.

As Montgomery County takes steps to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, we at DEP are working hard to remain operational for all services. As such, we have modified the hours and operations of the Transfer Station to minimize potential exposure of the novel coronavirus to our customers and employees. Part of these modifications reflect our Hauler/Collector licensing program. As we work through these difficult times, we appreciate your understanding and request your assistance to keep everyone safe.

Collector and Hauler License Requests

Applications and instructions for license requests are available online. All license certificates and decals will be mailed to the  mailing address listed on the application. Additional assistance can be obtained using the following two methods:

  • In Person Assistance
    • A staff member will be in the office to assist with your licensing questions and/or issues on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 7:00 am to 3:30 pm
  • Telephone and email inquiries
    • Staff will be available to assist and respond to your telephone inquiries and questions by calling 240-777-6565 or 240-595-0080 Monday through Friday from 7:00 am to 3:30 pm. All inquiries, questions, and information may also be submitted via email by sending an email to Verónica Fernández at  veronica.fernandez@montgomerycountymd.gov.

How long are licenses valid?

Solid Waste hauler and collector licenses expire one year from the date of issuance. Vehicle registrations expire on the same date as the license.

Must my company be located in Montgomery County?

You must either have an office business address in Montgomery County, or provide a local or toll-free telephone number.

Which laws apply to collectors and haulers in Montgomery County?

You must follow the provisions of the Montgomery County, Maryland, Solid Wastes Law (Chapter 48).

We will mail the Solid Wastes Law to you only upon request.

What data must I report?

In accordance with Executive Regulation 5-13AM, all County licensed haulers and collectors must submit a semi-annual tonnage report.

Which documents are required for licenses and vehicle registrations?

To ensure the timely completion and processing of your initial application and/or renewal of your current application, you must take the following actions and submit the required documents in order before we can inspect your vehicles.

All vehicles used for hauling and/or collection must have registrations issued and decals affixed under your hauler or collector license.