Aiming for Zero Waste

Aiming for Zero Waste: A Vision for Sustainable Materials Management in Montgomery County

Task Force Recommendations on County’s Waste Strategic Plan

This document summarizes the work and recommendations of Montgomery County’s "Aiming for Zero Waste" Task Force. The Task Force was formed in May, 2018 to "provide advice and guidance on how best to maximize waste reduction, reuse, recycling, and sustainable management of all materials across the entire integrated waste management system, including all programs, facilities, operations, initiatives and services.".

Options for Collection and Disposal of "What’s Left"

This report is the fifth of a series of reports, developed as part of Task 9 in Montgomery County’s “Aiming for Zero Waste” Master Plan. The purpose of this report is to identify collection, processing, and disposal options for “what’s left” after the short-listed waste reduction and diversion options are implemented. The report presents the implementation timelines for the short-listed options for the Zero Waste Plan that impact the tons of waste managed in the County. Projections for the tons of waste managed until 2040 are presented.

Report: Identify collection, processing, and disposal options for "what’s left" (Google Drive, 3MB)

Presentation: Identify collection, processing, and disposal options for "what’s left" (PDF, 403KB)

Review of Existing Processing Facilities

The purpose of this report is to assess the existing physical and operating condition of each of Montgomery County’s four primary solid waste Processing Facilities. The facilities assessed are the Materials Recovery Facility (MRF), the Shady Grove Processing Facility and Transfer Station, the Resource Recovery Facility (RRF), the Montgomery County Yard Trim and Composting Facility (MCYTCF) and the County’s Yard Trim Grinding Operation.  The report includes recommendations for operations and maintenance improvements and best practices to operate the Processing Facilities through 2025, 2030, 2035, and 2040.

Proposed Enhancements/Expansions to the Current Diversion/Recycling System

This report presents proposed improvements to the current diversion/recycling system and is the third in a series of reports developed in support of the project. The purpose of this report is to document potential options for the County to consider which may improve diversion or recycling and assist the County in aiming for Zero Waste.

Aiming for Zero Waste Survey

The results are in! View your feedback!

Benchmarking and Best Practices

There are many jurisdictions in North America that have innovative features as part of their waste management programs, services and how these are delivered. The intent of this benchmarking exercise was to select five communities that have some similarities to Montgomery County and also utilize best practices that might be of interest to the County. Read the full report or the executive summary.

Informational Poster Boards

You may download the Aiming for Zero Waste information poster boards, which were displayed at the Community Open Houses.

Aiming for Zero Waste Open House - Resident Engagement

Aiming for Zero Waste Open House - Resident Engagement

Aiming for Zero Waste Open House - Resident Engagement

Stakeholder Engagement Plan

So how do we get input? See our stakeholder engagement plan for more details on the County's outreach to residents and businesses in Montgomery County.

Current State Assessment

Montgomery County’s existing integrated solid waste management system: a detailed and concise overview of the current system, from which future system changes can be evaluated and their potential impact assessed. You may also read the executive summary.

Zero Waste Task Force

To aid in the planning efforts, County Executive Ike Leggett appointed a seven member Task Force to work closely with DEP. In addition, the County Council appointed a representative as a non-voting member to this Task Force (see: County Executive Press Release).

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