Sugarland Rural Broadband Project
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Phase II Construction Set to Begin
June 17, 2019

The next phase of work will begin soon. This map outlines the planned work.
Sugarland Phase II Map

Inspector Paula Carney Checks Progress
October 31st, 2018

Cable Inspector Paula Carvey visited the project area and found that a substantial part of beginning phase seems to be close to completion. Comcast has run strands along the proposed route. These strands will provide support for the future Comcast cable connections. View a quick video here.

Work has Begun
Late October, 2018

Margie and Jordan paid a visit to watch as Comcast began the planning and plotting stage of their project to bring broadband connectivity to this portion of the Agricultural reserve. Note: Comcast chose a pilot area for the project based on proximity to their current infrastructure and approximately 100 homes that they could provide service to. Once the pilot is completed Comcast and the County will access the project and figure out the best way to move forward with additional areas.

Phase I
Begins October 15th

Phase I of the construction is scheduled to begin the week of October 15th. 
Phase I of the construction is highlighted in green. Future phases of the project will be added once the required easements are obtained.

Comcast Begins Cable Expansion Project in Agricultural Reserve
September 25, 2018

After an extended planning period, Comcast has begun a project to extend broadband and cable services into the Montgomery County Agricultural Reserve within the community of Sugarland.

(pictured left) - Marjorie Williams, broadband, cable & franchise division manager, outlines some of the dynamics associated with expanding Comcast services to the area during a meeting hosted by Comcast and the Office of Cable in 2016 to gauge community support for the project.