Delivering Internet Service Transparency to Our Community!

Identify areas of poor Internet service by grouping data by zip code, or census block

Increase competition by making Internet price and service levels available to the public

Test data is time-stamped, so the County can see how ISP (Internet Service Provider) service changes over time

Advantages of Crowdsourcing Consumer Internet Data

The Montgomery County Speed Test,, was built to solve the problem of a lack of transparency and accountability for ISPs. Per the County Executive of Montgomery County, MD:

"Ensuring consistent, high-speed broadband connectivity is critical to ensuring an enhanced quality of life for residents; access to necessary tools for students; and a strong infrastructure for businesses. helps by providing a way to independently measure broadband speeds and customer satisfaction.”

By bringing this application to Montgomery County, the County gains a tool for measuring Internet speed and quality, empowering residents and elected officials to quantify what is currently only speculation.

In other industries, transparency has led to increasing competition among providers…translating into better service and pricing for consumers (think CarFax, Zillow etc).

As Internet service plays an increasingly important role in attracting and retaining business and educational talent, can be an integral component in making the current state of Internet service measurable, and ensuring the County has a competitive environment for ISP’s for years to come!