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Montgomery County Circuit Court

ADDRESS: 50 Maryland Avenue, Rockville, MD 20850

HOURS: Monday through Friday 8:30am - 4:30pm

PHONE: 240-777-9400


Montgomery County District Court: 301-563-8800

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Inclement Weather/Emergency Closure Phone #: 240-777-9399

MD Relay 711 Service

Kids Spot: 240-773-3915

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Appellate Judges

Judge's Name Staff Contact Phone Tower Floor Room
Steven B. Gould, Judge, Court of Appeals Law Clerk 240-777-9330 North


Anne K. Albright, Judge, Court of Special Appeals Law Clerk 240-777-9261 North 3rd 3030
Rosalyn Tang, Judge, Court of Special Appeals Law Clerk 240-777-9087 North 3rd 3010
Terrence Zic, Judge, Court of Special Appeals Law Clerk 240-773-4078 North 6th 6120
Patrick L. Woodward, Retired Judge, Court of Special Appeals Law Clerk 240-777-9351 South 2nd 2900

Administrative & Associate Judges

Judge's Name Staff Contact Phone Tower Floor Courtroom
Judge James A. Bonifant,
Administrative Judge
Lorena Kushida,
Judicial Assistant
240-777-9366 North 3rd 3E
Judge Carlos F. Acosta,
Associate Judge
Rachel-Ashley Garrido,
Judicial Assistant
240-777-9314 South 4th 4G
Judge Bibi M. Berry,
Associate Judge
Shawnnetta Williams,
Judicial Assistant
240-777-9247 North 8th 8C
Judge David A. Boynton,
Associate Judge
Lisa Hyatt,
Judicial Assistant
240-777-9240 South 5th 5G
Judge Sharon V. Burrell,
Associate Judge
Erica Quintanilla,
Judicial Assistant
240-777-9296 South 3rd 3F
Judge Theresa M. Chernosky,
Associate Judge
Gabriela Rodriguez,
Judicial Assistant
240-777-9391 North 9th 9C
Judge Jeannie E. Cho,
Associate Judge
Gaby Alvarez,
Judicial Assistant
240-773-4060 North 7th 7D
Judge Jill R. Cummins,
Associate Judge
Sonya Young,
Judicial Assistant
240-773-4005 North 7th 7A
Judge Kathleen M. Dumais,
Associate Judge
Lourdes Mairena,
Judicial Assistant
240-777-9254 South 4th 4I
Judge Debra L. Dwyer,
Associate Judge
LuAnn Rosenthal,
Judicial Assistant
240-777-9197 South 4th 4H
Judge Christopher C. Fogleman,
Associate Judge
Sandy Green,
Judicial Assistant
240-777-9268 North 6th 6A
Judge Kevin G. Hessler,
Associate Judge
Brooke Marshall,
Judicial Assistant
240-777-9304 North 9th 9B
Judge David W. Lease,
Associate Judge
Jennifer Littlejohn,
Judicial Assistant
240-773-4072 North 6th 6D
Judge Louis M. Leibowitz,
Associate Judge
Francisca Garcia,
Judicial Assistant
240-773-4051 North 8th 8B
Judge John M. Maloney,
Associate Judge
Diana Maizel,
Judicial Assistant
240-777-9360 North 9th 9A
Judge Michael J. McAuliffe,
Associate Judge
Jennifer Han,
Judicial Assistant
240-777-9281 North 9th 9D
Judge Cheryl A. McCally,
Associate Judge
Lidia Laboy,
Judicial Assistant
240-777-9181 North 6th 6B
Judge Rachel McGuckian,
Associate Judge
Michelle Hunt,
Judicial Assistant
240-777-9226 North 7th 7B
Judge Joan E. Ryon,
Associate Judge
Melanie Justice,
Judicial Assistant
240-777-9219 South 5th 5F
Judge Steven G. Salant,
Associate Judge
Cindy Smith,
Judicial Assistant
240-777-9275 South 3rd 3G
Judge Margaret M. Schweitzer,
Associate Judge
Patti Hamilton,
Judicial Assistant
240-777-9289 North 7th 7C
Judge Karla N. Smith,
Associate Judge
Simone Morrison,
Judicial Assistant
240-773-4066 South 5th 5I
Judge Harry C. Storm,
Associate Judge
Diana Olsen,
Judicial Assistant
240-777-9372 North 8th 8A

Family Division Magistrates

Family Magistrate's Name Staff Phone Tower Floor Courtroom
Robert J. Goldman Calvin Lee, 
Administrative Aide
240-773-3955 South 2nd 2K
Lili Khozeimeh
Administrative Aide
240-777-9045 South 2nd 2L
Sarah Malik Diana Cruz,
Administrative Aide
240-777-9048 South 2nd 2G
Danielle R. Sartwell Sharon Gamez,
Administrative Aide
240-777-9042 South 2nd 2F
Holly A. Whittier Jordan Allen,
Administrative Aide
240-777-9310 South 2nd 2J

Juvenile Division Magistrate

Juvenile Division Magistrate's Name Staff Phone # Tower Floor Courtroom
Lena Kim Jessica Shaw,
Administrative Aide
240-773-3960 South 2nd 2M

Special Magistrate

Special Magistrate's Name Staff Phone # Tower Floor Room
Martha Hidalgo-Rubio Andrea Herrera,
Administrative Aide
240-777-9054 South 2nd 2820

Senior Judges

Senior Judge's Name Phone # Tower Floor Room
Marielsa A. Bernard
240-777-9030 North 2nd 2220
Cynthia Callahan 240-777-9030 North 2nd 2220
Thomas L. Craven 240-777-9030 North 2nd 2220
John W. Debelius III 240-777-9030 North 2nd 2220
Robert A. Greenberg 240-777-9030 North 2nd 2220
Ann S. Harrington 240-777-9030 North 2nd 2220
Eric M. Johnson 240-777-9030 North 2nd 2220
Richard E. Jordan 240-777-9030 North 2nd 2220
Mary Beth McCormick 240-777-9030 North 2nd 2220
Terrence J. McGann 240-777-9030 North 2nd 2220
Michael D. Mason 240-777-9030 North 2nd 2220
Joseph M. Quirk 240-777-9030 North 2nd 2220
William J. Rowan III 240-777-9030 North 2nd 2220
Ronald B. Rubin 240-777-9030 North 2nd 2220
Nelson Rupp 240-777-9030 North 2nd 2220
Katherine Savage 240-777-9030 North 2nd 2220
Louise G. Scrivener 240-777-9030 North 2nd 2220
Ann N. Sundt 240-777-9030 North 2nd 2220
Durke G. Thompson 240-777-9030 North 2nd 2220


Name Phone # Tower Floor Office

Court Administrator
240-777-9100 North 3rd 3040
Karen A. Bushell,
Clerk of the Court
240-777-9467 North 3rd 3200

Courthouse Staff

Department Staff Contact Phone # Tower Floor Room
Court Administrator
240-777-9100 North 3rd 3040
Administrative Aides Amanda Williams,
Administrative Assistant
240-777-9035 North 3rd 3121
Adoptions 240-777-9428 South 1st 1460
Appeals Anne Gregorski,
Civil Assistant
240-777-9420 North 1st 1280
Assignment Office Assignment Commissioner 240-777-9000 North 1st 1320
Business/Data Quality Alina Marshall,
240-777-9345 North 3rd 3121
Central Files Kerry Johnson,
240-777-9430 North 1st 1100
Civil Department Pastora Mendez,
240-777-9401 North 1st 1200
Clerk of the Court Karen A. Bushell,
Clerk of the Court

Stephanie Kim,
Chief Deputy Clerk
240-777-9467 North 3rd 3200
Court Evaluators Angela Layne,
Senior Court Evaluator
240-777-9342 South 1st 1520
Courtroom Clerks David Dembnicki,
240-777-9513 North 2nd 2500
Criminal Department Monisa Freeman,
240-777-9440 North 1st 1260
Differentiated Case Management Rick Dabbs,
240-777-9358 North 3rd 3121
Duplications Andre Johnson,
Lead Worker
240-777-9480 North 2nd 2300
Exhibits/Reproduction  Michelle Davis
240-777-9431 North 1st 1400
Family and Juvenile Case Managers Chanel Wainstein,
Supervising Case Manager
240-777-9075 South 3rd 3540
Family Department Patricia Escobar,
240-777-9426 South 1st 1460
Family Division Services Anne Hurwitz,
240-777-9079 South 1st 1500
Finance Department Sharon Press,
240-777-9490 North 2nd 2420
Information Desk Lynn Garfield,
Civil Assistant
240-777-9415 North 1st Lobby
Jury Office Vincent Weaver,
Jury Commissioner
240-777-9090 North 2nd 2100
Juvenile Department Maria Vila,
240-777-9530 South 3rd 3580
Kids Spot Child Waiting Area 240-773-3915 North 1st 1440
Land Records Diane Hazard,
Asst. Chief Deputy Land Records & License Department
240-777-9477 North 2nd 2120
Law Library Julia Viets,
Law Librarian
240-777-9120 North 3rd 3420
License Department Diane Hazard,
Asst. Chief Deputy Land Records & License Department
240-777-9460 North 1st 1300
Problem Solving Courts Jenna Davis,
240-777-9141 South Terrace  T540
Recording Department Patty Mitchell,
240-777-9488 North 2nd 2320
Research & Performance Danielle Fox,
Research & Performance Coordinator
240-777-9387 North 3rd 3066
Technical Services and Data Processing Matthew Bonner,
240-777-9150 North Terrace T020
Trust Office Seble Stephanos,
Trust Officer
240-777-9175 North 2nd 2400

Other Agencies in the Courthouse

Agency Name Contact Name & Title Phone # Tower Floor Room
Abused Persons Program, Montgomery County Department of Health and Human Services Gina Calderon,
Client Assistance Specialist
240-777-9088 South 1st 1560
Domestic Violence Assistance Brandy Cannon 240-777-9078 South 1st 1560
Maryland Department of Juvenile Services 240-777-9381 South 3rd 3520
Montgomery County Bar Association Lawyer Referral Service (Telephone intakes: Monday-Friday, 9:00am - 1:00pm)
301-279-9100 South 2nd 2540-2542
Montgomery County Department of Health and Human Services Brittany Fitzgibbon,
Social Worker
240-777-9380 South 3rd 3520
Montgomery County Mental Health Court, Montgomery County Department of Health & Human Services Noelle Gunzburg, LDSW-C, JD, Clinical Supervisor 240-773-3914 South Terrace T540
Montgomery County Public School Liaison Terrence Fisher 240-777-9385 South 3rd 3523
Register of Wills Joseph Griffin,
Register of Wills
240-777-9600 North 3rd 3220
Sheriff's Office Darren M. Popkin,
240-777-7000 North Terrace T400
State's Attorney's Office John McCarthy,
State's Attorney
240-777-7300 North 5th -

Auditors and Examiners

Name & Title Phone / Email Address Notes
William E. Hewitt, Jr.
Court Auditor/Examiner
301-424-1320 (office)
301-251-3755 (fax)
11 North Washington Street
Suite 520
Rockville, MD 20850
See Maryland Rule 2-543 for specifications
Steven J. Bienstock
Special Examiner
401 East Jefferson Street
Suite 208
Rockville, MD 20850
See Maryland Rule 2-542 for specifications