Court Researchers

Roles & Responsibilities

Montgomery County Circuit Court has two researchers on staff whose primary responsibility is to support its mission of administering justice in an honest, fair, and efficient manner. Through their data analysis, the researchers provide the Circuit Court executive team with insights on case processing performance, the use of available resources, and gaps in judicial and spatial needs. The researchers are also involved in developing the Court's Annual Report, as well as other reports, research papers, and briefs.

Maintaining the accuracy of the case information is of key interest to the Court, and the researchers assist in efforts to track and analyze the quality of the data to ensure that information in the Court’s case management system accurately reflects what is contained in the case files. In addition to working for Montgomery County Circuit Court, the researchers provide the Maryland Judiciary with assistance in its various statewide data initiatives.

To review some of the key products produced by the Court Researchers, please access the Court Reports & Statistics page.