Courtroom Clerks

LOCATION:  North Tower, 2nd Floor, Rm 2500

HOURS:  Monday-Friday, 8:30am - 4:30pm

PHONE:  240-777-9513

Roles & Responsibilities

The Courtroom Clerks Department plays an important role in the judicial process. Courtroom Clerks work alongside Judges and Magistrates in the courtroom and assist with the organization and efficiency of all courtroom procedures.

Courtroom Clerks are NOT attorneys and cannot offer legal advice.

Courtroom Clerks

Courtroom Clerks job duties include, but are not limited to:

  • Recording of all court proceedings.
  • Data entry of all case information into the Court’s case management system for display on the Maryland Judiciary's online case search (e.g., Judge’s rulings, temporary jail commitments, and bonds).
  • Documentation and preservation of all exhibits identified and admitted during hearings and trials in accordance with the chain of custody.
  • Preparation, review, and organization of courtroom forms required in family, civil, criminal, and juvenile cases.
  • Administering of oaths to witnesses, jurors, grand jurors, and interpreters.
  • Assistance with the management and efficiency of the jury process to include: roll call of jurors, tracking of excused jurors, communicating with the Jury Office, swearing in the jury, and taking the verdict.
  • Communication with various departments within the courthouse and outside agencies to ensure the accuracy of all case information.
  • Maintenance of all subpoenaed records in family, civil, and criminal cases.
  • Mailing of expungement compliance notices to defendants in accordance with Maryland Law.