Technical Services

LOCATION:  North Tower, Terrace Level, Rm T020

HOURS:  Monday-Friday, 8:30am - 4:30pm

PHONE:  240-777-9150

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Services provided to the public:

Roles & Responsibilities

One of the key functions of a court is to ensure that the audio from all court proceedings is properly recorded as part of the official court record. These records must also be available to the public. At Montgomery County Circuit Court, the Technical Services Department is responsible for these tasks, as well as for maintaining the integrity of the court’s telephone, Internet, and Intranet communications, and all electronic equipment used by approximately 400 court personnel.

The Technical Services Department’s main responsibilities include:

The Technical Services Department is committed to providing superior customer support and services to our community through the implementation and integration of technology in ways that support and address the court’s business processes.

Courthouse Services

The Technical Services Department is responsible for every aspect of the Court’s information systems and supports approximately 400 users. The duties of, and services performed by, the Information Technology Specialists range from installing and maintaining server/PC hardware and software applications to designing and troubleshooting complex computer networks and information databases.

Technical Services’ IT staff support the following systems and applications on an ongoing basis:

  • Case File Tracking Systems
  • Case Management Information Systems
  • Computer Networking/Network Infrastructure
  • CourtSmart Digital Recording System
  • Database Systems Design
  • Docket and Directory Display Systems
  • Help Desk Call Center Support
  • Professional Computer Hardware/Software Support
  • Telephone/Telephone Conferencing Systems
  • Video Conferencing Systems
  • Website Design and Maintenance
  • Wireless Internet Access Points

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