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While the court is closed to the public, the Law Library is offering remote reference services, via voicemail or email, from 8:00am to 4:30pm, Monday through Friday. On-site library services will resume when the court reopens to the public. Please view the Newsroom for Coronavirus Legal Information Links, as well as temporary at-home access to Westlaw and Lexis.

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This spring, the Law Library partnered with the Rockville branch of Montgomery County Public Libraries and local volunteer attorneys to present the following EVERYDAY LAW programs. These programs provided free, basic information and resources about the following legal topics for non-attorneys.

Date/time: Saturday, March 7th from 11am-12:30pm
Location: Rockville Memorial Library

Date/time: Friday, April 24th from 11am-12:30pm
Location: Virtual

Date/time: Saturday, May 2nd from 11am-12:30pm
Location: Virtual

Pro Bono Advice-A-Thon with Food & Cheer (May 2nd, 2019)


We contribute a monthly column to the Bar Association of Montgomery County, Maryland. Read current and past issues on the bar’s newsletter archive.


  • Kaufman’s Alimony Guidelines
  • Microfilm and microfiche reading station
  • Portable phone chargers

Coronavirus Legal Information Links

How can I get help from a law librarian?
How can I access Maryland law from home?
How is Coronavirus affecting the law?
How is Coronavirus affecting the courts and attorneys?
How is Coronavirus affecting notarizations and witnessing requirements in Maryland?

How can I get help from a law librarian?

The spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19) is impacting the daily operation of the Maryland Judiciary, including all court libraries. At this time, all Maryland court libraries are temporarily closed to the public. However, some court libraries (including Montgomery County) are offering limited, remote reference services).

How can I access Maryland law from home?
  • Gateway to Maryland Law is a collection of free primary Maryland law, including Montgomery County law, maintained by the Thurgood Marshall State Law Library.

  • People’s Law Library of Maryland is a free legal information and self-help website about Maryland law maintained by the Thurgood Marshall State Law Library.

How is Coronavirus affecting the law?
Montgomery County
How is Coronavirus affecting the courts and attorneys?
How is Coronavirus affecting notarizations and witnessing requirements in Maryland?

Access Westlaw and Lexis from Home

Due to the pandemic, Westlaw and Lexis Advance are temporarily offering free, virtual self-serve access. Follow the instructions below to access these databases from your home. Please note that registration for temporary accounts is required. Also, while the Montgomery County Circuit Court is closed to the public, law librarians cannot assist with legal research or registration assistance.

  • Access offered: 20 hours for 14 days
  • Registration link:
  • Registration instructions: View access instructions here (PDF).
    1. Access the Westlaw Patron Access temp access page and enter your email address. 
    2. Enter your contact information. In the Organization Type field, please select Government – State or Local.
    3. Skip the “Add Colleagues” page
    4. Click “I agree to Terms & Conditions and click Create Profile
    5. Create OnePass Profile and Security fields
    6. Confirm your OnePass profile and click Get Started to begin searching on Westlaw Edge.
  • Please note: Westlaw has built the special 20-hour temp access using the same portal that is always available for a (much shorter) free trial of Westlaw, but the 20 hours option only takes effect if a patron picks the Government – State or Local option.  Westlaw has not indicated an end date for library patrons to register for this type of temporary access.
  • Need to use Westlaw after your access has expired? Contact the Law Library for assistance.
Lexis Advance
  • We continue to partner with LexisNexis during the court closure due to the Covid-19 pandemic to continue providing access to Library Patrons remotely during this crisis. 
  • If you cannot otherwise conduct legal research you are welcome to register for a one-time Lexis Advance® ID at This ID will be good until for 30 days or until August 31st, 2020.  This ID will be delivered to you within one business day and allows you to conduct research on the cases, codes, and secondary resources needed for their legal work and personal legal research.
  • If your research needs extend beyond 30 days or if you have already used your 30-day-free period, and would like to purchase access, call 1-888-AT-LEXIS to discuss personalized plan options.  

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