Department of General Services

The Department of General Services (DGS) proactively serves the diverse business and service requirements of all County departments, providing a single point of government to government service, enabling departments to successfully complete their respective missions and, thereby, adding value to the services performed by Montgomery County to County residents.

Department Performance Measures

Montgomery County departments are broken out into discrete programs for the purposes of Outcome Based Budgeting. A program is an activity or set of activities performed by County government that has:

  • identifiable costs for budgeting purposes
  • a clear public purpose and measurable results, and
  • clear lines of accountability for its performance and financial management

The following are the performance measures for programs within the Department of General Services. In our performance framework there are three categories of measures:

  • How much did we do? (quantity)
  • How well did we do it? (quality)
  • Is anyone better off? (effect or impact)

Approved Budget

Click the chart presented below to explore how the Department of General Services is funded.