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Updated November 3, 2021

Submit a Request for a:

Submit a Request

You do not need a Letter of Approval

If you need a Letter of Approval

We will approve tobacconist requests if

  1. you have a smoking license, and
  2. your procedure says people will wear face coverings inside your establishment except while actively smoking.

You must submit your request at least 5 business days before a scheduled event or activity for which a Letter of Approval is required.

Failure to submit a timely request will result in an automatic denial of the Letter of Approval.

Failure to obtain a Letter of Approval prior to proceeding with an event will be considered to be a violation of the Regulation and could subject the requestor, organizer, and venue to the appropriate fines and sanctions detailed in the Regulation.

Any person, organizer, or venue who is found to have held an event without a Letter of Approval will be automatically disqualified from receiving a future Letter of Approval.