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Chapman Avenue Extended (From Randolph Rd. to Old Georgetown Rd.)

Project Overview

Project Background
Project Scope and Design
Area Map
Traffic Control, Work Hours, and Construction Phasing
Impacts to County Services

Montgomery County Department of Transportation (MCDOT), Division of Transportation Engineering (DTE) will soon commence construction activities for the extension of Chapman Avenue from Randolph Road to Old Georgetown Road. The project site is located in North Bethesda, Maryland. The project will reconstruct existing Maple Avenue South of Randolph Road and connect to existing Chapman Avenue North of Old Georgetown Road, for a total length of 1,300 linear feet.

Project Background

The project site is located in Average Daily Traffic (ADT) on the new road is expected to be 265 vehicles per day. The purpose of this roadway extension project is to provide a means for local traffic to access adjacent residential and commercial properties without us- ing Rockville Pike (MD 355), thereby reducing congestion along Rockville Pike. This project will be constructed to comply with the N. Bethesda/Garret Park Master Plan. The project planning was completed in 2006. The project design was completed in 2008 addressing input and comments from the community and other stakeholders . The Fiscal Year (FY) 13-18 Capital Improvements Program (CIP) Budget allocated construction funding for this project in September 2014. When completed, this road will be designated as Commercial/ Industrial. The typical section of the road will consist of two 12-foot wide travel lanes, 8-foot wide parking lanes, and 5-foot wide sidewalk on both sides with grass buffers for landscaping and streetlights.

Project Scope and Design

This project includes roadway widening, the installation of retaining walls, driveways, traffic signal improvements, street lighting and landscaping. Additionally, upgrades (removal, replacement and new installation) to the existing storm drain system will take place, as well as the installation of underground facilities for stormwater treatment. A new water line and minor surface ad- justments to manhole covers, valves, and hydrants will be made in accordance with Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission (WSSC) plans and specifications. Outages of water and sewer services are not expected during the course of this construction.

The construction contract is valued at approximately $3.2 million and is within the budget established for the project.

All costs for the project are funded by Montgomery County.

Project Area Map

Project Area Map

Traffic Control, Work Hours, and Construction Phasing

Construction will take place Monday through Friday between 7:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. with temporary lane closures between 9:00 a..m. and 3:30 p.m. Occasional Saturday work may be necessary to make up for weather delays.

Construction will occur in three phases. Access to all businesses will be maintained but some access is expected to be temporarily disrupted. The County will work to minimize any disruption.

Phase 1 of construction will commence in March of 2015. Phase 1 will include the area along the west side of existing Maple Avenue. Phase 2 will include the area along the east side of existing Maple Avenue. Phase 3 will include the south end of the work site. Access to existing loading docks will be maintained similar to the previous phases. In the event that the phasing is changed, work hours will not change and access will still be maintained.

Looking South towards "White Flint by Toll Brothers"

Looking South towards "Forum" from Randolph Road

Impacts to County Services

Montgomery County strives to minimize the impact construction projects have residents, businesses and motorists. No "curb side" government services (such as recycling, mail delivery, etc.) will be impacted by this project. DTE has coordinated the road closure with Public Schools, Police, Fire and Rescue Services, Ride-on, Solid Waste and the Maryland-National Capital Park and Planning Commission. Each agency has plans to continue to provide services throughout the duration of the project.

Staging areas will be established to store materials and equipment within the County right-of-way. All vehicles parked in the right-of-way will need to be moved.

During Phase 1, traffic will be maintained through the work zone. In order to minimize the inconveniences to the public, businesses, and County sevices, lane closures will be kept to a minimum duration and allowed only between hours of 9:00 AM. and 3:30 PM.

Driveways and entrances will remain accessible at all times during construction. Warning, guidance, and directional signs will be posted throughout the project vicinity to keep motorists informed of conditions. Please use caution when travelling through the work zone, for your sake and the safety of work crews.

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