Upon removal of a tree, the location of the stump, if any, is noted in our tree management system for future "removal". Removal consists of the mechanical grinding of the stump and those exposed roots radiating from the stump out to where the roots first enter the ground. The stump and roots are ground to a depth of 6" below the surrounding ground level. The wood chips are removed and the hole filled with a topsoil mixture and the surface seeded with grass. The dirt is left mounded slightly to allow for settlement as the remaining underground portions of the stump decay. It is helpful for the establishment of the grass to water the seeded area until the grass is established.
Stumps may not be removed if the removal activities would damage other trees’ root systems, utility infrastructure in the right-of-way, or other special circumstances.
Current wait time for stump removal: 5 years

Roadside Tree Protection Law



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