MCFRS Cot/Stretcher Repairs

Red line

14935-A Southlawn Lane, Bay A-9
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Phone: 240-777-2217
Red line

Effective Monday, April 22, 2019, a spare Ferno cot will be stored at FS18 and FS32.  These spare cots are to only be used when Small Tools is closed.  Small Tools is open Monday-Thursday 0700-1530, except County holidays.    

As with current practice, if a cot needs to be repaired, a
Small Tools defect report should be submitted

  • If a unit needs a replacement cot during business hours, personnel should arrange to visit Small Tools.
  • If a unit needs a replacement cot during non-business hours, personnel can contact the respective EMS Duty Officer to make arrangements to exchange cots.  

A red 'Out of Service' tag will be attached to the broken cot with the unit number and the date the defect report was entered.  After the red tag and defect report have been completed, the EMSDO can provide the spare cot (the spare cots are secured; only the EMSDOs have access.)

The next business day, the on-duty EMS Duty Officer will have the affected Station Officer coordinate with the Battalion Chief to get an ambulance to transport the broken cot to Small Tools for replacement.  This will normally be transported by the unit that had the defective cot.  Small Tools will issue a permanent replacement.

Questions should be addressed to Small Tools: 240-777-2217

Red line
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