MCFRS Small Tools

Red line

14935-A Southlawn Lane, Bay A-9
Rockville, Md 20850
Phone: 240-777-2217

Red line

Help us help you:

  1. Please submit defect reports before walking up to the Small Tools parts counter.
  2. Defect reports MUST include the Unit Number and the part serial number if known.
  3. Submit only one defect per defect report.
  4. If you have more than one extinguisher to exchange, call first to ensure that we have enough in stock.
  5. If an item is lost or missing, call first to get direction about the need for an RMAP and/or police report.
  6. If it is bolted or wired to a vehicle, it should be submitted as an apparatus defect, not a Small Tools defect. (A handlight is Small Tools, the charger for a handlight is Apparatus)


Red line
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