Community Risk Reduction
Tool Kit for Ordering Smoke Alarms & Other Supplies

Red line

The process for ordering Community Risk Reduction supply items and equipment has changed. To order seasonal and educational safety brochures, tip sheets, fire hats, educational coloring books and more, please click on the Jotform links below.

Smoke Alarms and batteries should be ordered directly through Station Supplies following established MCFRS guidelines and deadlines (5th of the month) for Station Supply Orders.

Item Ordering Instructions:
Smoke Alarms
10-year, long life battery alarms

Order via Station Supplies (orders are filled monthly)

Minimum order: 12 alarms
Maximum order: 48 alarms
Urgent need? Contact CRR to expedite

Back-ups for Hard-wired smoke alarms
No minimum/maximum (orders are filled monthly)
Plastic Fire Hats Please see the CRR JotForm for details
(and order by the 1st of the month)
Coloring Books Please see the CRR JotForm for details 
(and order by the 1st of the month)
Seasonal safety, educational handouts, tip sheets and more Please see the CRR JotForm for details 
(and order by the 1st of the month)

*For quantities over the monthly ordering limits, please contact Beth Anne Nesselt directly.


The changes to the ordering process DO NOT affect the need to fill out Wufoo Reports which serve to document Community Outreach/Risk Reduction work in the community and provides a critical tool in projecting inventory needs. If you need a refresher on how to access/fill out the Wufoo reports, send an email message to  Beth Anne Nesselt.

Life happens -- We get it. If you find yourself in a bind, we are always an email or phone call away to help. Thank you for all your great work in the community and for your patience as we continue to re-engineer the ordering process with the goal to make it easier for YOU.