Metro Training
Special Operations

Making a Request

Thank you for your interest in hands on metro training from WMATA’s Office of Emergency Preparedness. Please be sure to read all of the information on this page before submitting a request. The information will help to guide you through the process.

For volunteer training requests, email the _FRS_Metro_Training group with type of request, primary and two back up dates, time, and number of personnel. Please ensure dates requested are at least one month from date of request. For all other requests please use the following instructions.

Company Officer

  1. Determine what kind of training you are looking for:
    • Metro station familiarization
    • Metro yard familiarization
    • Intro to Metro for FD personnel (overview of the system, hazards, etc. all PPT)
      **We usually combine this with skills or car familiarization
    • Metro skills- ETEC/WSAD/hotstick at Carmen Turner Facility
    • Tunnel walk between stations
    • Elevator/Escalator lab at Carmen Turner Facility
    • Metro rail car lifting
    • Metro rail car familiarization
  2. Work with your battalion chief on determining available dates for training.
  3. Send this page with the Jotform link to the battalion chief.

Battalion Chief

  1. Work with company officer on appropriate dates.
  2. Submit training request on Jotform.
  3. If request is approved, you will receive an email back with approval. It will have a link that will take you to the activity request form. Some items should already be filled out to help save some time. Please double check to ensure the data transposed over correctly.
  4. If Metro cannot accommodate the request, you will also receive an email back. There will be comments on why it was not approved.

General Items

Currently Metro has limited training blocks. Because of this, please consider the following:

  • Choose dates that are a month in advance from the submission of the request.
  • Elevator/Escalator lab is limited to Monday through Friday 0800-1200hrs.
  • Monday through Thursday from 1400-2200hrs will offer the greatest availability for all other trainings.
  • Fridays generally will have all day availability.

Once the metro training form is submitted by the Battalion Chief it will be forwarded to the _FRS_Metro_Training group email where the training request will be processed.

Contact Information

The _FRS_Metro_Training group includes:

  • Captain Riley (7A)
  • Captain Mechlin (30B)
  • Lt Bevard (23C)
  • Matt Bowen (IT Web Coordinator)

Each officer on their respective shift will handle and be the point of contact for their shift's Metro training requests. Please continue to use for all follow up questions and concerns so that all information is shared across the Metro training group.