Individual Performance Planning and Assessment (IPPA)
Administrative Services

Please send IPPAs to PSHQ with attention to the following personnel:

  • IPPAs for probationary personnel: Operations Division Assistant Chief
    • Submit two copies, one-sided along with merit status memo
  • IPPAs for Fire Management and Non-represented Employees: Liberty Martin (FRS HR)
    • Submit one copy, one-sided (show all competencies and objectives)
  • IPPAs for F2 through Captain: Please use the directions as follows:
    • All IAFF & MCGEO IPPAs must be submitted electrically as a PDF to
    • The subject line of the email must include: IPPA – Last Name, First Name
    • Please ensure that the IPPA includes the following info:
      • Name (last name, first name – no nicknames)
      • Oracle ID# (can be found in MCtime or on the employee’s payslip)
      • Supervisor & Reviewing Official name
      • Review Period & Type of Evaluation
      • Signatures
      • Overall Rating