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Timecard Correction Info

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The Timecard Correction Request form should be filled out and submitted to your Battalion Chief, who will then review and approve the form (or return it to you with required edits).

Battalion Chiefs: Once you have approved a form, please forward it with the proper documentation to Admin Services via e-mail ( or by fax (240.777.2402).Do not send the form directly to Finance/Payroll.

If you choose to e-mail the form to Admin Services, type Timecard Correction for <lastnamefirstname> as the subject (with the individual's name filled in).

All documentation / emails related to the error must be attached to the request for correction. If the form is prepared properly and the documentation is attached, Admin Services will forward to Payroll. Incomplete forms and forms missing the required documentation will be returned to the supervisor for correction/resubmission. This process will continue until the request for correction is completed correctly and all documentation is received.