COVID-19 Information and Resources

Information is changing rapidly. We recommend you call service providers to confirm current status of operations and check this site frequently for the most updated info.

Montgomery County Community Resources

Resources available throughout the County in a variety of categories (food, healthcare, financial assistance, etc.).

Montgomery County Food Resources

COVID-19 Infographics

COVID-19 Infographics: Available in multiple languages

Resource Lists

Montgomery County Departments: COVID-19 Updates

To receive notifications in Spanish from Montgomery County regarding COVID-19, use WhatsApp to text "Hola" to: 240-447-1862.

Si le gustaría recibir actualizaciones en español del Condado de Montgomery acerca de COVID-19, mande por WhatsApp la palabra “Hola” al numero 240-447-1862.

Language Hotlines

  • The Chinese Culture and Community Service Center (CCACC) Asian Volunteer Health Clinic has a Chinese language COVID-19 Information line, daily from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m, at 301-798-6001.  They also provide food delivery and transportation to essential medical services.
  • Korean Community Service Center of Greater Washington (KCSC) provides answers to questions regarding COVID-19, including how to cope, and community resources. If a caller needs a medical consultation but does not have a primary healthcare provider, KCSC staff will connect them to volunteer doctors provided by the Korean American Medical Association. Call 240-683-6663 (ext. 104) Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., or 703-354- 6345 (ext. 118 or 127, for the Health Project Team) Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.
  • Vietnamese American Services has set up a free hotline for information on COVID-19. Call 301-646-5852 Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.
  • CASA Health Hotlines:
    • Spanish/English: 301-270-8432
    • French/English: 240-270-1318

Resources for Immigrants

"Know Your Rights" and Legal Resources

General COVID-19 Resources for Immigrants

COVID-19 Information in Multiple Languages

Immigrant Eligibility for COVID-19 Relief Programs

Understanding the Impact of Key Provisions of COVID-19 Relief Bills on Immigrant Communities - National Immigration Law Center

Explaining COVID-19 Relief to Latino Families - UNIDOS US

  • Contains videos in English and Spanish regarding the CARES ACT and what it means for the Latino community from health, education, jobs, housing, and immigration perspectives.

Immigrant Eligibility for Public Benefits Programs

Information Regarding Public Charge

Some people who apply for a green card (lawful permanent residence) or a visa to enter the U.S. must pass a “public charge” test. This test looks at whether the person is likely to use certain government services in the future. In making this determination, immigration officials review all of a person’s circumstances, including their:

  • age
  • income
  • health
  • education or skills (including English language skills), and
  • their sponsor’s affidavit of support or contract.

They can also consider whether a person has used certain public programs.

Public charge does NOT apply to all immigrants.

USCIS announced that COVID-19 testing, prevention, or treatment would NOT be used against immigrants in a public charge test. This means that immigrant families should seek the care they need during this difficult time.

For more information:

Immigrant Workers’ Rights During COVID-19

FAQ: Immigrant Workers’ Rights and COVID-19 - National Employment Law Program

DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) During COVID-19

Relief Funds for Undocumented Immigrants

Immigration Agency Updates

  • Immigration and Resources Related to COVID-19 Pandemic- CLINIC (Catholic Legal Immigration Network)
    • Detailed discussion of U.S. agency updates and closures (including USCIS, ICE, EOIR, DHS, and Department of State) and responses to COVID-19.
  • USCIS Response to COVID-19
  • EOIR Operational Status During Coronavirus Pandemic
    • Lists operational status for all immigration courts across the country. 
    • Baltimore and Arlington Immigration Courts are open for detainee hearings and filings only.
  • ICE Guidance on COVID-19
    • Information on ICE procedures during COVID-19, including enforcement actions, visitation at detention facilities, and more.  Individuals who have a scheduled check-in should contact their local field office for guidance prior to their scheduled appointment.