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Vinyl Day - Just For The Record

This event has been postponed until further notice.

We’re so sorry we won’t be able to meet in person at this time, but join us in celebrating the spirit of the day by enjoying a great find from MCPL's digital collection.
Some staff picks for you include:

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Celebrate the music, culture, art and sound of vinyl records


All are welcome

Event Overview

Montgomery County Public Libraries’ (MCPL) third annual Just for the Record – A Vinyl Day is a celebration of music, culture, art and sound. All ages are welcome to attend this event. There will be music, demonstrations, workshops, makerspace activities, and more!


Music Competition

All County residents are invited to showcase their talents at the Make Music Montgomery contest, on Saturday, April 18th, 2020 at the A Vinyl Day – Just for the Record event at the Silver Spring Library 12pm – 4pm.  That day, a selected group of musical acts will be invited to perform for our community “celebrity” judges.  The judges will make selections for most original performance, most physically challenging performance, best tribute to an artist, overall excellence, and other categories.  Selections will be made based upon musicality, originality, diversity of formats and acts, and practicality (whether the venue can accommodate the performance).  An overall first prize valued at $100, and a second prize valued at $50 will also be awarded.

Selection Process

County residents interested in participating in the Make Music Montgomery contest are invited to apply by performing in person on March 2, 2020 or by creating and sending a recording by March 8, 2020.

By performing in person

Date: March 2, 2020

  • The Twinbrook Library will host a live audition on Monday, March 2nd at 6:30 pm. MCPL will record the musical acts using an iPad and submit that for performers as an audition file.
  • Interested participants need to RSVP to before that date to describe the musical act and make arrangements to attend the live audition. 

By creating and sending a recording

Deadline: March 8, 2020

  • For those residents who would prefer to send a recording, they need to create a 3 minute “audition” audio/video recording of their intended act and submit that file to by midnight on Monday, March 8th.  Performers can also mail or deliver their audition file/media to Eric Carzon, Twinbrook Library, 202 Meadow Hall Drive, Rockville, MD 20851.  It must arrive by 8pm on Monday, March 8th
  • Performers can submit the file or media in any of the following formats:  Flash-drive, CD-ROM, DVD, MP3 or MP4 file, MOV file, WAV file, WMA file, or Quicktime file.  Performers can send an inquiry to well in advance of the deadline if they would like to provide the file or media in another format not listed.

Information about selection

Dates: March 23, 2020 & March 30, 2010; April 1, 2020 & April 6, 2020.

  • Performers will be informed by March 23rd about whether they are being invited to perform at the Make Music Montgomery contest during A Vinyl Day – Just for the Record event on April 18. Performers will be asked to confirm their intent to perform by March 30th
  • A second round of performers may be invited on April 1st, as necessary, and will need to finalize their intention to perform and confirm by April 6th

Dress/technical rehearsal

Dates: April 15 & April 16, 2020

  • For those selected to perform at the Make Music Montgomery contest during A Vinyl Day- Just for the Record event, there will be dress/technical rehearsal opportunities on April 15th and April 16th from 7 – 9 pm at the Silver Spring Library. Selected performers will be informed about the details.

Submission Instructions

  1. Please provide a single point of contact for your submission:  telephone and email contact.  Please provide a description of your act, and the names of the performers.
  2. Acts must include music that is played live by the performers, but otherwise may include dance or other forms of artistic expression that go along with the music component of the performance.
  3. Performances in all languages and cultures are strongly encouraged.
  4. Performances from all ages and skill levels will be considered.
  5. Acts must be designed to fit on a flat stage area no larger than 20 feet wide by 10 feet deep.
  6. Acts can assume light amplification for at least 2 voice and 2 instruments.  The room can accommodate an all acoustic performance.
  7. Acts must be suitable for a family environment (no explicit images, words, or content). 
  8. We encourage submissions that provide a connection to a famous Album or artist that inspired the work.  Submissions can include the possibility of a related piece of album -inspired art to be displayed with the performance.
  9. A good faith effort will be made to return media after the event is over, but we do not guarantee return of the media, please plan accordingly.

Contest Location

The Make Music Montgomery contest will take place in the main meeting room at the Silver Spring Library on A Vinyl Day – Just for Record event on April 18, 2020. A release form and further instructions will be emailed to performers who submit auditions.

Contestants and attendees are welcome and encouraged to dress up as their favorite recording artist. MCPL's standard library dress policy will be in effect. No masks or weapons, including replica and costume pieces, are allowed. Attendees must adhere to all MCPL Guidelines Governing the Use of Public Libraries and Guidelines for Behavior.


More Information

The Friends of the Library, Montgomery County, Inc. will be selling books and records. No advanced registration is needed. Some programs may be space limited and time sensitive.

This event is hosted in partnership with MCPL, Friends of the Library, Montgomery County, Friends of the Library, Silver Spring Chapter, Levine Music, Open Sky Jazz, and KEFA Cafe.