Prints to Go!

Upload your documents for printing and then schedule an appointment to pickup your documents at your selected library. Documents will be on the Holds shelf under your last name.

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How Do I Request Prints to Go?

Step 1

You will need your Montgomery County Public Library card number.

Step 2

Use this form to upload your documents.

Step 3

We will send a confirmation email to the email address you provided on the form. The confirmation email will contain a link to the appointment page.

Step 4

Schedule your pickup appointment at your selected library branch with the link provided in the confirmation email or call your local branch. (Have your library card number handy.)

Step 5

Pick up your printed documents at your selected library branch. Documents will be on the Holds shelf.

Detailed Instructions

How do I obtain a Montgomery County Library Card?

Apply online.

How do I upload documents?

Use this form to upload your documents.

How do I add funds for printing?

We will attempt to debit existing funds from your Pharos printing account. If there are insufficient funds, we will add a fee to your library card account. You may make an online payment to cover any charges on your library card account here. (Note – you will not be billed until we print your documents.)

How do I schedule a Prints to Go appointment?

You will receive a link to the appointment page via the email confirmation from the Prints to Go form. You may also call your pickup library to schedule your appointment. You will need your library card number to schedule your appointment.

How do I pick up my documents?

  • Pick up your printed documents at the Holds shelf in the library at your scheduled appointment time.
  • Each set of documents will contain a cover sheet with your last name and first name initial on it.
    • Note: If you are unable to make your appointment, please re-schedule online or call your selected library branch.
    • We will hold documents not picked up for (5) days. If you have not rescheduled your pickup during that time, we will shred all documents.