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Office of Emergency Management and Homeland Security (OEMHS)

September is National Preparedness Month

Info graphic. Use Hashtag #MoCoPrepares on Twitter to share your events.

September is National Preparedness Month as well as the beginning of the school year; now is a perfect time to get organized and re-evaluate your family’s emergency plan. This year's Preparedness Month theme is  "Disasters Happen. Prepare Now. Learn How." Emergencies such as fires, floods, and acts of terrorism present a real challenge for all. Everyone must make a plan and stay informed in order to protect themselves and their families when emergencies or disaster strikes.

Be sure to follow us on   Twitter  and   Facebook  for preparedness tips throughout the month of September, as well information about other events that we will be participating in. Use the hashtag   #MoCoPrepares  on social media when promoting or attending NPM events so that we can help promote your event and share our community's involvement in NPM activities.

If you would like to plan or are planning your own preparedness event in your community, feel free to include us!  You can use the  Speaker Request  form on our website to request a speaker.  If you need some of our emergency preparedness outreach materials for the event, you can email or call 3-1-1 to make that request.

The Montgomery County Office of Emergency Management and Homeland Security has been gearing up for National Preparedness Month (NPM) by conducting and supporting a number of events to help our community prepare for disasters.  Registration is open for many of them, so check our calendar below for a list of these events and information about how to register.  We are still planning other events, so also check our website frequently for future additions! We look forward to seeing you at our National Preparedness Month events! Check the schedule below.

National Preparedness Month Events

Event Location Date Time Registration
Civilian Response to Active
Shooter Events (CRASE)
Rockville Memorial Library
21 Maryland Avenue
2nd Floor Meeting Room
Rockville, MD 20852
Saturday, September 1 11:00 am -
12:30 pm
Joint Community
Preparedness Fair
Parking lot of
9605 Medical Center Drive 
Rockville, MD 20850 
Wednesday, September 5 11:00 am -
2:00 pm
No Registration.
Rain Date is 9/12
Senior Emergency
Preparedness Presentation
Leisure World Thursday, September 6 1:00 pm - 
2:30 pm
Open to residents
of Leisure World
Emergency Preparedness
Olney Library
3500 Olney-Laytonsville Road
Medium Room 2
Olney, MD
Thursday, September 6 7:00 pm -
8:30 pm
"You are the Help Until Help
Arrives" Training
Public Safety Headquarters
100 Edison Park Drive
Gaithersburg, MD 20878
Saturday, September 8 10:00 am -
12:30 pm
"Stop the Bleed" Training Quince Orchard Library
15831 Quince Orchard Rd
Large Room
Gaithersburg, MD 20878
Monday, September 17 6:00 pm -
7:30 pm
Community Organizations Active
in Disaster (COAD) Meeting
 TBD  Thursday, September 13 1:00 pm -
3:00 pm
Email Joe Corona
Senior Emergency
Preparedness Presentation
Holiday Park Senior Center 
3950 Ferrara Drive
Wheaton, MD 20906
Monday, September 24 1:00 pm - 
2:30 pm
No Registration
Live online Chat with
OEMHS Director
Dr. Earl Stoddard
Social Media Tuesday, September 25 12:00 pm -
12:30 pm
Email questions
to Joe Corona
#MoCoPrepares Pet Emergency
Preparedness Seminar
Christ Episcopal Church
107 South Washington Street
Murdock Room
Rockville, MD 20850
Wednesday, September 28 7:00 pm -
8:30 pm


Emergency Preparedness in 4 steps

1. Stay Informed

As a part of your emergency planning process, plan to stay informed. Tune into local news broadcasts via radio or television before, during, and after emergencies to be sure your getting the latest information. You can also go to the County's main website to check for updates. 

Alert Montgomery Logo Subscribe to Alert Montgomery  to receive emergency alerts from Montgomery County directly to your mobile devices. Through this service, Montgomery County officials can send event updates, warnings, and instructions right to you. With Alert Montgomery, you can pick and choose what categories you would like to subscribe to, such as: severe weather, severe traffic, public health, school closures, community use of public facilities, and more. This is an accessible emergency notification service provided by the County to send alerts via text, email, phone, and TTY/TTD to people who live or work in the County.

2. Make a Plan

Do you have an emergency plan for yourself, family, or friends? If not, National Preparedness Month is the perfect time to look for resources and create those emergency plans! 

Photo of the Covers for the Are You Ready Emergency Preparedness WorkbooksCreating your Family's emergency plan doesn't have to be difficult or expensive. OEMHS has plenty of   resources  to help you get started with your plans! Our   Are You Ready? Emergency Preparedness Workbooks are a fill-in-the-blank emergency plan that also includes a guide for local sources of information. 

This workbook can help you keep all of your emergency information in one place, such as: Insurance information, contact information for doctor's and specialists, veterinarian contact information, as well as contact information for your support network (ie. family and friends). This workbook is available in  English Spanish French Simplified Chinese Amharic Korean Russian , and  Vietnamese .

If you would like a hard copy of this workbook, please call 3-1-1 or send an email to  to place your request.

3. Make a Kit

A family looking at a checklist and compiling an emergency kit.
One of the most critical steps you can take to sustain yourself and your family during a disaster is to create an emergency kit before the disaster strikes. An emergency kit contains items you might need during an emergency to sustain yourself and your family. These items will help you if you are asked to stay home for as many as three days.


4. Get Involved

a group taking a selfie with the text
Get involved
in emergency preparedness by helping your community! Request a speaker from OEMHS to come and speak on emergency preparedness at your organizations next event. Routinely check our website and social media pages to see what community trainings are being offered. Lastly, check out some organizations involved in emergency preparedness and volunteer!


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