The mission of the Office of Legislative Oversight (OLO) is to provide accurate information, analysis, and independent findings and recommendations that help the County Council fulfill its legislative oversight function. Legislative oversight is the process by which a legislative body monitors the performance of publicly-funded activities and applies this knowledge to its primary functions of enacting laws, establishing public policy, approving budgets, and raising revenues.

Annual Work Program

OLO staff conduct program evaluations, budget analyses, audits, investigations, and other special studies. OLO receives it assignments from the nine elected members of the County Council, which annually adopt a Council Resolution that sets forth the Work Program for the office. For each assignment, OLO prepares a written report that provides information.  Fiscal Year 2024 Work Program of the Office of Legislative Oversight | FY24 Work Program Supplement

Legal Basis

In 1975, the County Council enacted legislation (Bill 25-75) to establish the Office of Legislative Oversight (OLO). The legislation, which outlines the powers, duties, and general practices of the office, is codified as County Code Chapter 29A. Consistent with County law, the OLO Director is a non-merit appointee of the County Council. The Director is appointed to a four-year term that begins in the second year of each four-year Council term.