Bureaus- Patrol Services

AC Will Parker
Assistant Chief
- Willie Parker-Loan

The Patrol Services Bureau (PSB) is responsible for providing direct police patrol services to the public through the six District Stations. Personnel at the district stations:

  • provide an initial response to incidents
  • identify crime
  • identify and address traffic offenses
  • identify community hot spots
  • work in partnership with residents to solve problems of mutual concern.
Email: willie.parker-loan@montgomerycountymd.gov

District Station Units

District Traffic Section

District Traffic Section enforces traffic laws and support efforts for overall collision reduction

Special Assignment Team (SAT)

Undercover surveillance as an effective crime fighting tool in situations such as drug and weapons offenses and where the mitigation of crime trends is enhanced by the deployment of officers in street clothes.

District Community Action Team (DCAT)

DCATs are deployed to conduct targeted enforcement operations in response to identified crime increases and crime trends. These teams engage the community in community policing efforts to sustain improvements achieved through joint partnership efforts

School Resource Officers (SROs)

School Resource Officers (SROs) is an outreach program sponsored by the Montgomery County Police (MCP), Gaithersburg City Police (GPD), Rockville City Police (RCP) and Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office (MCSO) in partnership with the Montgomery County Public Schools (MCPS). School Resource Officers (SROs) serve as liaisons between the police departments and the high schools for school and police-related concerns and incidents.

A School Resource Officer (SRO) is a sworn, uniformed law enforcement officer trained in emergency preparedness, crisis management, community policing concepts, and problem solving who is assigned to work as a liaison to MCPS.

The SRO’s primary function is to enhance the safety and security of the learning environment for students, staff, and the school community in the Montgomery County Public High Schools. Other duties and responsibilities include but are not limited to:

  • Acting as a resource and assisting with emergency preparedness as well as safety awareness education to the high school population age groups.
  • Meeting regularly with Montgomery County Public Schools (MCPS) staff, students, and parents, to exchange information and discuss issues of concern within the school.
  • Serving as a point of contact to deliver MCP programs such as crime prevention, conflict resolution and mediation, drug and alcohol awareness, violence prevention, gang awareness, and community relations and outreach.
  • Assisting with calls for service and incidents occurring within their assigned schools.
  • Assisting with traffic safety and traffic enforcement activities at their assigned schools.

The SROs are deployed in public high schools for protection while also providing mentoring, mediation, and educational services to all stakeholders in the school system with the goal of preventing crimes before they occur.

Community Engagement Division (CED)

Capt. Thomas Jordan

Captain C. Thomas Jordan, Director

Community Engagement Division (CED) is responsible for outreach throughout the County to engage residents  in their neighborhoods, places of worship, and in the business community.

The Department embraces the concept of community policing. This approach allows the police and the community to work closely together in creative ways to solve problems like crime issues, fear of crime, physical and social disorder, and also allows everyone to collectively work to advance the overall quality of life in the community.

Duty Commanders

The Duty Commander assumes command of the department in the absence of the Chief of Police and other senior departmental executive officers. The Duty Commander also provides field supervision to ensure adherence with established departmental policies, procedures, rules, and regulations.

Capt. James Brown

Captain James Brown, Duty Commander

Captain Ed Daniel

Captain Ed Daniel, Duty Commander