The Financial Crimes Section of the Montgomery County Department of Police (MCPD) is part of the Criminal Investigations Division. The Section investigates fraud, forgery, embezzlement, confidence games, counterfeiting checks and credit cards, financial exploitation of the elderly, and identity theft.  

With the rise of digital connectivity and the increasing sophistication of criminals, raising awareness and educating the public about the dangers of fraud and scams is crucial. As part of our ongoing efforts, the MCPD wants to inform county residents of these fraudulent practices and how we can thwart these criminals.

Prevention is far more cost-effective given the challenges of prosecution and recovery of financial crimes. If we understand how fraud works, we are less likely to fall victim to the fraudster. The key to prevention is education and awareness. These web pages are an effective and economical medium for education and awareness.

Frauds and scams come in various forms, targeting individuals, businesses, and organizations. These schemes often aim to deceive and exploit innocent people, leading to financial loss, emotional distress, and sometimes even physical harm. The impact of these crimes can be devastating, affecting the victims and our community's overall trust and well-being. Read more at Frauds and Scams.

You can ask the Financial Crimes Section to send a speaker to your group about fraud or cybercrime prevention using this  Presentation Request Form. We can talk about how to thwart scammers when they try to put your money into their pockets. Likewise, we can explain how to prevent attackers from abusing your computing resources. Just as you use locks to keep criminals out of your home and auto, you need to keep them out of your computers, phones, and networks. 

Our Dedication and Your Vigilance Together Can Stop Crime

MCPD remains committed to its duty of ensuring public safety and security. By addressing crime head-on, we aim to create a safer environment for everyone in Montgomery County. We urge the public to stay vigilant, report suspicious activities, and take proactive measures to protect themselves and their loved ones.