The Department has a Victim Assistance Unit that offers support and information to crime victims and their family members.
Main Number: 240-773-5626

What services does the Victim Assistance Unit provide?

These are just some of the services that the Victim Assistance Unit provide:

  • Crisis Intervention: landlord, creditor, employer
  • Referrals: emergency food and shelter, financial aid, counseling
  • Direct Aid: assistance in filing for financial aid (ie: medical bills, funerals bills), help with personal safety options (ie: peace/protective orders, home security screens), providing information about the court process

How do I contact the Victim Assistance Unit?

A victim assistance specialist is assigned to each district police station. Please call the victim assistance specialist that is assigned to the district where the crime occurred.

  • 1st District Station Specialist (Rockville) – 240-773-6082
  • 2nd District Station Specialist (Bethesda) – 240-773-7625
  • 3rd District Station Specialist (Silver Spring) – 240-773-6895
  • 4th District Station Specialist (Wheaton) – 240-773-5547
  • 5th District Station Specialist (Germantown) – 240-773-5704
  • 6th District Station Specialist (Gaithersburg) – 240-773-5704

For more information see our Victim/Witness Assistance Brochure in English and in Spanish .