The Department has a Victim Assistance Unit that offers support and information to crime victims and their family members.
Main Number: 240-773-5626

What services does the Victim Assistance Unit provide?

These are just some of the services that the Victim Assistance Unit provides:

  • Crisis Intervention: landlord, creditor, employer
  • Referrals: emergency food and shelter, financial aid, counseling
  • Direct Aid: assistance in filing for financial aid (i.e., medical bills, funerals bills), help with personal safety options (i.e., peace/protective orders, home security screens), providing information about the court process.

Regardless of citizenship, all individuals are entitled to basic rights and privileges outlined in common law, state and federal law, and the Maryland and United States Constitutions. In addition, foreign nationals (persons who are not U.S. citizens) may be entitled to rights and privileges outlined in the Vienna Convention and other international laws. It is the policy of the department to provide service to all persons and to exercise its duties in conformance with all applicable laws, regardless of citizenship status, nationality, or racial/ethnic background.

How do I contact the Victim Assistance Unit?

A victim assistance specialist is assigned to each district police station. Please call the victim assistance specialist assigned to your district.

  • 1st District Station Specialist (Rockville) – 240-773-6082
  • 2nd District Station Specialist (Bethesda) – 240-773-6725
  • 3rd District Station Specialist (Silver Spring) – 240-773-6859
  • 4th District Station Specialist (Wheaton) – 240-773-5547
  • 5th District Station Specialist (Germantown) – 240-773-5704
  • 6th District Station Specialist (Gaithersburg) – 240-773-5704

See our Victim/Witness Assistance Brochure in English and Spanish for more information in English and Spanish.