Qualifications & FAQ


To be a volunteer you must:

  • Be at least 14 years old
  • Be able to commit to the length of the program
  • Be willing to share your enthusiasm for recreational activities with others
  • Provide three references who you have known for at least one year
  • Complete a fingerprint screening and background check
  • Attend training
  • Meet the specific expectations as discussed during the interview
helping hand - volunteer


Yes. The minimum age to volunteer is 14.

Yes. Student Service Learning (SSL) credits are provided to students who need to fulfill their requirements.

Yes. Groups are welcome to volunteer.

Fill out the volunteer form, contact the Team you are interested in working with, and ask about current volunteer needs.

Yes. All volunteers must complete a background screening with the department. Volunteers can contact 240-777-4997 to schedule an appointment to be fingerprinted. There is no charge for the background screening, but you will need to bring a valid government-issued, photo ID (such as a passport, driver’s license, state ID card, etc.)

Yes, there are others. Contact the Montgomery County Volunteer Center for volunteer opportunities at other County non-profits.