Paper Shredding/Recycling and Reusable Clothing/Household Items Collection Events

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How can I recycle shredded paper at home?

If you receive Montgomery County-provided recycling collection services, you can recycle shredded paper at home. Simply place shredded paper in a paper bag, close and seal the bag. Then, place the paper bag of shredded paper into your mixed paper wheeled cart. If you don't have a wheeled cart, place the sealed paper bag next to your blue bin on your regular recycling collection day. Use a marker and write "paper recycling" on the paper bag. PLEASE DO NOT USE PLASTIC BAGS TO HOLD SHREDDED PAPER FOR RECYCLING.

What if I have too much paper to shred at home?

You may drop-off paper for free shredding at Clean Cut Shredding
14820 Southlawn Lane, Rockville, MD 20850
7 am to 2 pm
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