What are state and local agencies
doing to reduce salt use?

State Highway Administration (SHA)

Over the past five years, the Maryland State Highway Administration has reduced its overall salt usage by half. See what they and the Maryland Department of the Environment are doing to manage road salt treatment here .

Montgomery Department of Transportation (MCDOT)

MCDOT holds an annual Snow Summit on winter weather operations. More information about MCDOT’s winter weather operations can be found on the Winter weather information portal .

Some highlights from the latest summit include:

  • Continued use of 80% water/20% salt brine solution as a pre-treatment measure.
  • Piloting the use of rubber tipped plow blades on a portion of the plow fleet.
  • Requiring calibration and inspection of subcontractor equipment by MCDOT to prevent salt overuse or unnecessary application
  • Modifying contracts with operators to increase salt application compliance and responsibility for post storm salt spillage cleanup
  • Inspecting all routes after storm events to identify and remove any excess salt.

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