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As a part of the county's effort to protect our waters, the neighborhood surrounding Judson Road was selected for a Green Street project to help reduce stormwater pollution flowing into Joseph’s Branch, a tributary to Rock Creek. The community was built in the 1940's and 50’s before advances in modern stormwater management.

In 2005, portions of the Joseph’s Branch were restored and this green street project will help protect that investment and our water quality.  Green Streets projects generally involve installing small-scale stormwater practices within the county owned right-of-way to capture water from roadways and sidewalks during storms. By doing so, the County is able to capture stormwater at its source, reduce the flow and velocity of water reaching our streams, thus reducing pollution and erosion.

The Glenmont Forest and Wheaton Hills Green Streets project includes over 60 small scale projects that have been identified throughout the neighborhood. The projects planned in the neighborhood include  tree boxes, bioretention gardens and rain gardens . Residents can utilize this website to learn about the project and get up to date information.


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Glenmont Forest Green Streets Overview Map

Glenmont Forest Green Streets Overview Map
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Glenmont Forest Virtual Public Meeting - May 6, 2020



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