Glenmont Forest Green Streets - What You Can Do


Residents can help reduce stormwater pollution by installing stormwater practices on their property through several of the County’s programs listed below. Residential programs to improve landscaping, lawn or energy use within the home are also available, including ways for residents to volunteer for green initiatives.

While maintaining Green street projects is the sole responsibility of the County, there are a few things you can do to help ensure these projects are in tip top shape and performing well.


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  • While the plants are getting established, please keep large, heavy objects (such as garbage bags) off of the newly planted areas. Cans and bags put out temporarily for trash collection day are okay.
  • Please do not modify the landscaping in any way. The plants are under warranty for two years; unauthorized alterations can void the warranty.
  • When mowing the grass around a Green Street project, keep grass clippings away. Grass clippings, sediment, or debris left in the street and curb will also flow into the project when it rains, so keeping these areas as clean as possible will help keep it working properly and looking nice.
  • Please keep piles of leaves and snow out of the projects, as they can smother and crush plants and clog it.
  • Please try to walk around, and not through, the gardens to prevent trampled plants and compacted soil.
  • Please keep pet waste, herbicides, pesticides, and fertilizers out of the projects. These materials pollute our streams.
  • Communicate any major functional or aesthetic issues to the County (e.g., the practice takes more than 72 hours to drain after a storm, the plants are dying or dead, and/or the practice is damaged).


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